About us


Our research division in the Medical and Molecular Genetics Department at the Indiana University School of Medicine aims to support ongoing advancements in the Parkinson's disease (PD) research field. Our team seeks to provide innovative education tools and informational resources about Parkinson's disease, genetics, and research opportunities for individuals with Parkinson's disease and their families, as well as researchers and clinicians.

PD Nexus serves as our central resource for sharing in-depth information regarding the link between Parkinson's disease and genetics . Our website hosts several educational materials that have been generated by our genetic counseling team, along with links to outside articles , resources, and opportunities for continuing education. Our goal is to provide resources that empower individuals with Parkinson's to gain a better understanding of their condition, and to outline ways to get involved in current and ongoing research initiatives. Clinicians and researchers can also access tools for practice , patient education materials, and information on current research efforts to further Parkinson's genetic knowledge. Researchers can also learn more about the specific Parkinson's disease research efforts at Indiana University through PD Nexus or by contacting our research team.

About us

The Medical and Molecular Genetics Department at Indiana University contributes to the understanding of numerous genetic conditions by integrating basic research in genetic and genomic mechanisms, translational research in disease models, and clinical trials in rare and common genetic diseases. The department also has a rich history of training geneticists and genetic counselors.

What we do

Within our division, there are dedicated team members who coordinate and carry out research efforts. We also work closely with external study teams to develop and improve processes.

There are many team members specific to individual research studies who collaborate with study sponsors, testing labs, clinicians, and other researchers, to facilitate workflows between study teams and participants, such as kit shipment and sample management. Our coordinating team is particularly skilled at managing large volumes of volunteers through centralized and online processes. Our biorepository team houses biospecimens and makes selections available for request from qualified investigators for Parkinson’s discovery and validation work.

Genetic counselors provide daily support and consultation to study participants and contribute to various research efforts within groups such as National Society of Genetic Counselors and PDGENE Latino Advisory Committee. They have also shared expertise through presentations to external research teams and provided education and supervision to students enrolled in the Indiana University’s genetic counseling master’s program.

Our research team also provides support and collaboration for multiple studies for Parkinson’s disease study groups including the Michael J Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Foundation.

To learn more about our team’s contributions to Parkinson’s disease studies and and how to get involved, please visit: https://pdnexus.org/individuals/get-involved.html.