Making a Difference

There is a great need for people to participate in clinical research as we try to discover ways to provide better care and treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Research usually occurs in two forms:

  • Observational studies

  • Interventional studies

Clinical research for Parkinson’s disease can be testing a drug, therapy, or service like genetic counseling. Study aims might be observing whether genetic testing and genetic counseling are useful, whether certain treatments work, or simply tracking health in people with Parkinson’s. Genetic connections are being explored, representing a major effort in Parkinson’s research.

It is a great time to consider receiving genetic testing and counseling to know your genetic status as part of a research study. You can get genetic testing and counseling, sometimes at no cost, by enrolling in a research study.

For a deeper discussion about research in Parkinson’s disease, including clinical trials please refer to Ways to Be Involved @ Michael J Fox.

The following are current studies that may qualify you for free genetic testing and counseling. If you are interested in clinical trials, you can explore Fox Trial Finder and clinical searching with your key information and interests.

We encourage you to make a difference and become involved in Parkinson’s disease research efforts!